About Pink

The idea for this website came from the color and title of a hand-made zine and a long standing interest in speculative literature, film and—most recently—design. This is not a blog, but a combination of a love for clear, functional design with a deep passion for speculative fiction. This is a space for responses to ideas and exploring ideas about the future and possible futures.

The Pink website was designed and developed by Alex Duncan, a graphic designer and lover of books currently living in Kansas City, MO. Pink may have a printed publication available at some point if an audience for such a form should grow. Pink is not monetized in any way, it is non-profit and being involved is subscription and cost free.

If you would like to contribute to Pink please do not hesitate to click here and fill out a form to have your writing considered. Pink will accept any reviews or essays relevant to speculative fiction or speculation in general.


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Boulder Mono by Formist

Domaine Text Regular and Italic by Klim Type Foundry

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April 11, 2021